Welcome to the British Columbia Railway Squamish subdivision web site. The layout was previously called the Cariboo Western Railway and freelanced based on the BCR in 1976.I am now modelling the BCR Squamish Subdivision in 1982 which runs from North Vancouver to Lillooet British Columbia. We interchange with Canadian National at Lynn Creek yard in North Vancouver. The north end of the railway is not modelled but would be beyond Lillooet. The railway is designed for operations and operating sessions are held regularly.
The railway is changing from the Cariboo Western to the BCR Squamish sub. To follow this process visit the Transition page.

contact us at presidentatcwrailwaydotca

Squamish done

The trackwork changes to Squamish are complete. See the progress and Squamish pages.


I have relocated the mainline south of Squamish and tested the new alignment. This eliminates the siding at garibaldi but allows for the Mamquam channel. Beside the channel will be FMC and the log dump.

Squamish Terminals

Well as part of the multi part Squamish rebuilding I have relocated the Squamish Terminals track. This makes it more prototypical, allows us to spot more cars and eliminates some problems with curved turnouts with the old arrangement.


I have started work on adding some locomotive tracks to North Vancouver. I might have room for the diesel shop.


Seton is finished. The track is in and the back track is in service. We will try it at the next op session.

Latest Progress

The latest project was adding 6 staging tracks south of North Vancouver. This improved operations by clearing the yard of parked trains.

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