There is a strong possibility that we could be moving. This would mean removing the layout. This has led me to consider what could be done differently.
  • I would model the same era and prototype. Instead of a North Vancouver staging yard we could model some of CN north van. I would also like to change north staging into Lillooet. Given the likelihood of less space this is unlikely.
  • Use 3/4 inch plywood for roadbed instead of spline and spacer block. I need to make more use of my Christmas present of a few years ago(saber saw)
  • Higher track elevations not so high. -does that make sense?-try to make the highest track at 60 inches.
  • Benchwork widths. Scenes with one track can be 8 inches wide.Major yards 24 inches. Switching ares 12 to 16 inches
  • Mountains not so high and narrower scenes allow fewer trees.
  • Fewer fluff cars and more accurate ones.
  • run bus wires beside the isle. We are no longer considering moving
  • Possible Changes