Jack Langley
We have lost a great man. Jack Langley passed away on August 11th 2015 at the age of 94. We regularly operated his layout until last year. For more on his work see the link on the sidebar. In maybe 30 years of operating on his layout I never saw a derailment that was not operator malfunction.
     He was a WW2 vet and always willing to help with modelling or prototype questions. He had been in declining health and had reduced mobility but was still living at home with home care. We will all miss Jack at great deal.

Jack's layout represented a generic Canadian National line in Ontario. Canadian Pacific has full track rights and operates a branch line to Lucille Valley that interchanges at Robson. The time is the transition era when steam and diesel were running. Jack retired to British Columbia in 1987 and began building this railway. He has been a mentor to us since then and introduced us to operations. The railway runs lots of passenger trains and some are switched on the layout. This layout runs superbly well on DC. There is staging on the lower level that connects at both ends and has turning loops as well. There are more than 20 staging tracks at each end of the railway and we can operate for many sessions before repeating.
After leaving east staging the first area we visit is Perry
next is Jacob
Next is Clifton but we have no photos of that town. Trains frequently meet there.
After Clifton we arrive at Beaver Lake
Last is Robson Robson

Jack Langley