Freight movement is authorized by the waybill shown above. Yards make up trains using the "via Yard" line to add cars to a train that is going where the cars go.
Crews do not advance waybills during a session. This is done by the superintendent between sessions.
When a local spots a car at an industry based on the information on the waybill the waybill is placed in the fascia pocket labeled for that industry.
The Squamish Way Freight will pull any car whose waybill location is for somewhere else and take it back to Squamish.
The Cheakamus Way Freight Pulls any cars in Cheakamus whose waybill location is for somewhere else. These cars are all left at Squamish and it picks up Cayoosh cars and returns to Cayoosh.
The North Vancouver Way Freight likewise picks up up cars whose waybill location is not for where it is. At Squamish it will keep North Vancouver cars and drop the rest.It will return to North Vaancouver with these and all cars at Squamish for North Vancouver.

Freight Forwarding