Evaluating the future of the Squamish subdivision.
I have recently begun to consider the future of the layout. There are some problems and it is not as much fun for me. I do not see the vision I set out to create. Here are some things I am thinking about.
  • We only have 11 trains on the schedule and yet never run them all. This indicates a problem which may be:
    ---People do not want to run more trains because it is not fun.
    ---I do not invite enough people.
    ---The run is too long
    ---There is not enough action
    ---Too many problems
  • DCC
    ---despite directions posted around the layout people do not use the system correctly.
    ---radio throttles are still sometimes a problem
    ---simplex would not work and was removed.
    ---people do not use duplex correctly but it mostly works
---Under OCS the dispatcher or Rail Traffic Controller is too busy. During VanRail 2017 he wrote 48 clearances.
---Timetable and Train Order makes this much easier and we have started to implement this but some of the crew do not like it.

---The mainline ranges from 40 inches off the floor to 70 inches. ---Lillooet is too high and makes adding a yardmaster a problem. A platform could be added.
---Some of the recently added spurs are too high.
---The yard at North Vancouver at 40 inches is too low for some.
---With people and lights during operating sessions it can get really warm in the train room
---It can also get really cold in the winter.
---there is some unknown insulating problem.
North Vancouver:
---We could use more room for North Van as the isle is crowded and the industries are jammed in where they should not be.
---the hidden loop to the north has derailments sometimes and would be better in the open
---some turnout switch rods come unsoldered.

The future of the Squamish sub