British Columbia Railway
Squamish Subdivision
Jobs and Trains
The dispatcher runs the railway using time table and train order as
defined in the uniform code of operating rules

Squamish Yardmaster
Squamish originates 2 trains during the session.These are the Squamish Wayfreight and the Squamish Cariboo through freight. In addition the squamish Industry switcher works out of the north yard.At least 3 trains will drop cars for Squamish. The yardmaster controls all traffic between yard limits since the RTC has no authority within yard limits.
North Vancouver Yardmaster
This is the southern terminus of the railway.Arriving cars go to local spots or the CN interchange. Three or 4 trains originate here.The yardmaster switches local spots and CN and makes up tomorrow's trains.There are 50 car spots in North Vancouver
North Vancouver way freightLocal FreightNorth VancouverSquamishSwitches Horseshoe bay, Porteau, Britannia and Squamish
Returns to North Vancouver with all the North Vancouver cars
Squamish way freightLocal FreightSquamishSetonSwitches Mons, Pemberton, Evans, McGillvray and Seton
Returns to Squamish with all the cars picked up.
Squamish Industry turnLocal FreightSquamishSquamishSwitches the Town spur, Main south of yard limits, Squamish terminals and the shops
The train works out of the North yard.
Checkamus way freight Local FreightCayooshSquamishA Cariboo Western train that switches Checkamus.
After switching Checkamus it runs to Squamish, drops it's cars, picks up cars
and returns to Cayoosh.
Cariboo DaylinerPassenger trainNorth Vancouver
North Vancouver
This trains consists of RDCs and has stops at
North Vancouver, Squamish, Checkamus, Mons, Pemberton and Lillooet.
On the layout it runs north one day and back the next.
Road Freights
Through FreightNorth Vancouver
North Vancouver
These trains run across the whole layout.
On the prototype it serves the peace country and usually carried priority freight.
Through FreightSquamish
Because there is more traffic on the layout than the prototype.
These trains usually run instead of the prototypical Vancouver-Cariboo.
Through FreightNorth Vancouver
North Vancouver
These are another pair of trains that run across the whole layout.
On the prototype these trains ran to and from Prince George.
CWR empty coal coal dragNorth VancouverCayooshThis train will sometimes run to CWR staging with empty coal cars..

Jobs and Trains