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The British Columbia Railway
Squamish Subdivision
welcomed regular crew members for an operating session on Friday evening May 25th 2017
This operating session #80 ran using OCS and 28 clearances were issued
The model railway date was Thursday June 12th, 1982
This session ran for about two and a half hours 9 of 12 planned trains were run.
We moved 252 cars.

Train Crews for Squamish subdivision Session #80
Dispatcher Brian D.
Assistant Dispatcher Kent C.
Squamish Yardmaster Gordon M.
North Vancouver Yardmaster Greg M.
North Vancouver Way Freight Tom M.
Squamish Way Freight Colin D.
Checkamus Way Freight Al L.
Squamish Industry switcher Mike N.
Road Freight Ken M.
Road Freight Ian M.
Photos by Brian Clogg. I apologize for the poor photos but I figured poor ones are better than none. Click a photo to enlarge and start the gallery.

Session 80