I have been working on the harbour area lately.This included building and installing the pier. I have taken out the car ferry and put a lumber warehouse in it's place. The car ferry didn't make sense given the history of the CWR and how it is operated.

There has been more progress on the mile 54.5 scene in Checkamus canyon.More trees and underbrush have been planted.There are currently 344 trees in this scene.

We made major changes to the south end of Squamish Yard. As industry grew on the CWR we found that the class yard was getting to be too small. In addition I was still trying to find a good spot for the permanent Ashcroft staging

This fuzzy photo shows how it looked before the changes. We removed the left half of the shop seen in the back, removed the backdrop and moved Squamish Yard back 3'6".

This is what we had after the move.This allowed us to put in Ashcroft staging on the upper deck and also extenced the mainline by 7'.

I built and installed a 4' section to extend the classification tracks as seen in the second photo. This photo also shows the new mainline being installed to the front of Squamish Yard. The old mainline will become a passing siding. The extended class tracks soon filled with cars and I don't know how we got by without the extra length.