The BCR Squamish sub Transportation Plan

In 1982 the primary sources of revenue for the BCR were coal, forest products and intermodal. The Squamish subdivision saw no coal traffic. The railway ran 2 passenger trains in each direction. The superior direction was south and there were 4 4th class trains scheduled. There was a 3 class freight scheduled northbound and the rest of the northbound trains were extras.
On the Squamish Sub we currently run:

  • An RDC the Cariboo Dayliner passenger train. There are 3 northbound and 3 southbound freights known as:
  • Vancouver-Peace/Peace-Vancouver: This train carries priority freight and a lot of trailers to Chetwynd.
  • Vancouver-Omineca/Omineca-Vancouver: is another freight.
  • Vancouver-Cariboo/Cariboo-Vancouver: This train drops and picks up at Squamish and Lillooet.
    We have some locals:
  • The North Vancouver Way Freight: This trains works spurs from North Van to Squamish. In addition it carries cars to and from Squamish and returns to North Van.
  • The Squamish Way Freight: This train works spurs from Squamish to Seton and return.
  • The Industry Turn: Since the railway is still in transition this train is evolving into the Squamish yard job. It works many spurs south of the main yard at Squamish and returns to the yard.
  • The Checkamus Way Freight: This is a train the switches Checkamus which is a fictional town from the CWR days. We have decided to keep Checkamus and the switcher as a CWR train. It will leave a staging track, switch Checkamus, run to Squamish to exchange through blocks and return to staging.
  • Coal train: We sometimes run a CWR empty coal train from North Van to staging.
  • Royal Hudson: We hope to run a Royal Hudson steam train in the future.
  • BCR Squamish sub operations plan