The CWR Transportation Plan

Now a word about the operation plan. The Cariboo Western Railway moves resources south and manufactured goods north. The railway is owned 50-50 by Canadian National and the British Columbia Railway so we also haul bridge traffic. The railway is the only southern connection for the BCR which runs 2 northbound and 2 southbound trains a day. These are number 23 and 25 northbound and 24 and 26 southbound. In addition the BCR runs a transfer number 30/31 between Lillooet and Squamish Yard which brings CWR bound cars and picks up BCR bound cars.
The Canadian National usually runs 1 northbound and 1 southbound train a day which run between Vancouver and Ashcroft. Sometimes heavy traffic requires additional trains.
The Cariboo Western runs 1 northbound and 1 southbound sweeper train each day. These trains run between Vancouver and Ashcroft and drop cars at Squamish Yard for delivery on the railway they then pickup cars for either Ashcroft or Vancouver for delivery to points around North America. The railway runs 4 local freights which pickup and deliver cars to our customers. The Robert's Bay turn (450/451)works Robert's Bay (you figured that out) and Porteau, The north turn (409/410) works Checkamus, Summit, Pemberton, and Cayoosh. Garibaldi is served by 2 trains. Train 432/431 the paper switch works the east side indusrties and primarily the Howe Sound Pulp & Paper mill. Train 420/421 the harbour turn works the west side industries including the harbour.
In addition to these trains we haul coal. Canadian Pacific runs a pair of trains from their southeast coal fields to North Vancouver. These coal fields are very busy so CP runs trains of hoppers which can be dumped in North Vancouver in order to serve their customers. Canadian National runs a pair of unit coal trains to North Vancouver as well.
This traffic ensures that the CWR remains profitable and successfull.

The CWR transportation plan