British Columbia Railway  North Vancouver Plan

North Vancouver has been created south of Brunswick.

  • The old Vancouver Staging was turned 180 degrees and is used as the Canadian National Lynn Creek Yard.
  • A switching lead at the south end of North Vancouver connects CN's Lynn Creek yard and with BCR's North Vancouver Yard.
  • Trains heading south from Brunswick enter North Vancouver
  • There is no connection between the mainline and Lynn Creek Yard on the north end.
  • All crews would begin and end their runs in North Vancouver
  • Road power will cut off and lay over.
  • There are 8 switching locations with perhaps 55 spots.
  • These would be : Fibreco, TOFC facility, Freight House, Vancouver Wharves, company sand, Northgate, Seaspan, Lafarge and Vancouver Shipyards.
  • CN will work the interchange tracks and Lynn Creek Yard from the south.
  • North Vancouver Plan