Cariboo Western Railway


The Cariboo Western Railroad was a freelanced model railroad. That means no prototype ever existed. The route follows the PGE/BCR from North Vancouver to Pemberton and an imaginary extension to Ashcroft. Some parts are modeled to closely follow the prototype and other parts are creative fiction however all modeling will attempt to reproduce the geology and ecosystem accurately.
The time period modeled is 1976
The layout is a linear once through the scene style that is partially double decked
Design Conciderations
Why not just model the PGE/BCR? There are several reasons for freelancing including;
_A chance to use artistic license to create something original
_ A desire to run many more trains in a “day “ than does PGE/BCR thereby producing more operating enjoyment.
_A fondness for both CN and BCR
_ The fact that Canadian equipment and BCR in particular are unique and reproducing their locomotives and rolling stock accurately requires scratch building and resin kit building. While I will do both of these things I require perhaps 500 pieces and time becomes a factor
_A desire to model both a harbor. and a big city
I like the PGE/BCR route because;
_ It has the rugged mountainous terrain and river canyons I want to model
_ It has steep grades requiring helpers
_ It is close enough to where I live to investigate
_ The Squamish area is on the ocean and could have a harbor and city with a little change of history
_ It could serve as a CN bridge route with some creative fiction
The factors born in mind when designing the CWR were
_ Have a city and harbor
_ Have a helper grade
_ Have a long single track mainline with passing sidings
_ Have a large classification yard
_ Have some on line switching
_ Try to model some prototype scenes
_Keep north to the left
_ Lots of staging
_40 to 50 feet between sidings
_15” between decks
_ No helix
_Minimum hidden track
_At least one siding with no town

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